On-site Support
When you just need someone to come in and fix your problem. Can’t provide remote support if your internet connection isn’t working.

Remote Support
In many cases, your issues or questions can be answered remotely. Whether it is a phone call or remote access to a computer. The solution can be applied faster and you can get back to work.

Regular Maintenance & Proactive Support
Your computers run better if we do scheduled maintenance such as:
Apply Microsoft and other software updates
Verify hard disk integrity
Validate backups

Purchase Hardware and Software
We select what you need, get a quote, place the order, track the delivery and install the hardware or software.

Support Contracts
Need regular access and want it at a discounted rate. We can provide a support contract that meets your needs and budget.

  • Bulk hours at a discounted rate.
  • Remote support with discounted on-site rate.
  • Monthly hours that roll over if not used.
  • Have something else in mind. Let us know and we will find a way to make it work.