I fix / setup / upgrade / optimize / etc any computer. Did you download something and now the computer won’t turn on? Is the hard drive making a clicking sound? Maybe the computer is running slow and freezes all the time. Or you are getting a crazy amount of popups all the time. These are just a few examples of computer problems. Whatever your problem or need, I will have a solution. There is a whole other world of technology beyond computers out there. I work with that “stuff” too.

Your mobile phone can do more than just make phone calls and text. What can it do and how can I make it do it? You don’t have to know how to do it, you just have to know that I know how to do it. I can make you Android, iPhone/iPad sync with a Mac and/or PC. You can access your email, calendar and contacts from any one and not have any problems.

Want to buy your own domain name for a website and email? I can setup the domain for hosting a website and a Google Apps account for your personalized email. You can decide your own username and domain name ([email protected]). Your domain provider (example: godaddy.com) needs to be configured to use Google Apps and the Google Apps account needs to be setup. I can migrate any calendar, contacts and email from another account into any new account. Sounds like a cool thing to have for a small business or a person with a family that runs like a small business. Calendar sharing with your spouse and kids will get your life organized with ease. 

The TV in your living room would look great on another wall, if only there was power, cable, network and phone jacks there. I can install them all for you. I can install/move your flat screen TV, stereo, etc and hook it all back up with the wires hidden in the walls. Does your universal remote control everything? I will make it do what it is supposed to do.

Can’t figure out how to do something.  I can answer most software questions in a couple minutes over the phone. I can remote into your computer, with permission, and take control and show you how to do it too.

I make your Technology work for you, and teach you how to use it.  Now that I fixed everything, what will you do with all your free time?